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About Us


Innovation Center for Design and Manufacturing

AIC is the AppliCAD Innovation Center (AIC) based on the vision of being the starting point for innovation to enhance the potential of Thai businesses and to drive creativity and new innovations by promoting the development of personnel develop tools to be ready to develop business for sustainable growth

            Application Innovation Center was built to be the center of modern technology in creating innovations in Thailand by organizing a technology exhibition area with a team of experts to give advice. It is also a space for those who are interested to try these tools as a guideline for creating their own products and innovations.

            The core technology consists of software technology and 3D design platform, 3D printing technology for industrial applications, 3D scanner technology for 3D metrology, and robotic technology to support automation work, along with the R&D division that serves to develop new innovations to meet the needs of Thai entrepreneurs in the future.

            With the vision of the executives in bringing technology into the use as the foundation for innovation development to drive business in the country. Therefore, AppliCAD is ready to select, develop and develop new technologies to be in line with the changing world of competition to enable Thai businesses to grow stably and sustainably.


3D design software and 3D platform

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3D Printers

Exploring the world of Prototyping and Low Volume Production with 3D Printer

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3D Scanner

Easy, fast and accurate measurement technology for industry

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To enhance industrial work efficiency with mechanical arms with high safety and accuracy

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